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Welcome to the site.

This site is a resource for some of the rarest photo's, facts and media from Alton Towers and its rich history. It is a constant work in progress where new works will be emerging constantly, so it will be worth checking back occasionally if you are interested in the history of Alton Towers. As well as amassing a vast personal collection of media, this site will most definitely welcome your memories, video's and pictures from the past, and will happily credit you fully and clearly for anything you wish to share. We also have further idea's which will unfold as the site is built and completed.

This site really does try to go that bit further to find the rarest of Alton Towers history items and information but we would love you to share your memories with us too! Contact with any feedback or to get your memories shared on the website. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Simply click on the titles on the left hand side to navigate between the different pages. Please have a browse around and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have.

Unless stated otherwise, all pictures shared are taken from photo's/media owned by myself. Under no circumstances should they be copied elsewhere without prior permission. 


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